Team management

Founded in the the mid-90s by team principal Zoltán Zengő to become one of the leading motorsport operations in Hungary at the beginning of the 2000s. Zengő Motorsport was originally established to back Zoltán Zengő’s racing ambitions mostly in the Hungarian touring car championships but after the initial years, the outfit started to expand and to take an increased role in the local motorsport industry.

In 2001 Zengő Motorsport took over the management of Hungary’s first single-brand championship, the Opel Astra Classic Cup. In fact, the company rescued and reinforced the organization, becoming the commercial rights holder and running it until the end of the 2005 season.

The Opel Astra Classic Cup became a very important element in the Hungarian motorsport scene; it opened up the gates for more drivers to race in professional circumstances. 2003 marked another landmark, when the operation expanded its activities and launched its first own single-brand championship, the Renault Clio Cup. The company delivered a total 40 cars to its customers. Every Clio was prepared to race by the team; they served until the end of the 2009 season.

2003 is memorable also because it was the year when Zoltán Zengő teamed up with the local SEAT distributor Porsche Hungária to form the adRenaline Racing Team, using the first edition of the SEAT Leon Supercopa factory-built race car. This campaign didn’t last long, as Zengő was elected to be the head of the circuit racing division of Hungarian motorsport federation (MNASZ) that prevented him to race in Hungary until 2007 but the link was kept up between the parties, making it possible to launch the Hungarian SEAT Leon Super Cup using the second generation of the Supercopa.

Hungary became the fourth country to start a local SEAT cup with Zengő Motorsport being the organizer behind the project. Two seasons were successfully completed before the global credit crunch damaged the financial climate and the series itself but it was enough for the team to setup its international racing operation in the newly-established SEAT Leon EuroCup featuring Gábor Wéber and rising star Norbert Michelisz.

In 2008, it was proven that Zengő Motorsport is capable of being successful at the international level as both Wéber and Michelisz managed to take victories in the EuroCup, and Michelisz became the first Hungarian driver to get a drive in the FIA World Touring Car Championship.

At the beginning of the 2009 season, Zengő Motorsport and Dension Ltd. joined forces, enabling the team to start a more intensive season in three different single-brand championships in Europe. Eventually, Norbert Michelisz took the championship title in the 2009 SEAT Leon EuroCup and won another prize drive in the WTCC.

The 2010 season brought an unprecedented challenge for the operation known as Zengő-Dension Team in the from of a full FIA World Touring Car Championship season. The team entered Norbert Michelisz who secured the Rookie Challenge title and an overall race victory at the 2010 Race of Macau.

Beside Michelisz’s successes, the team was also victorious in the SEAT Leon EuroCup where they won the title with Gábor Wéber, while Norbert Kiss claimed a victory in the Spanish SEAT Leon Supercopa.

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